while with his gun the pagan angel rose to say

This is something I should have realised before now.

This is something I should have realised before now.

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I totally have a mask kink.

I'm watching an ep of Criminal Minds with Roomie. The unsub-who-is-into-snuff-films (and-is-a-total-worm) hauls on a ski mask to enact his real life fantasy of such, and all of a sudden, he's kinda hot. Which is a total huh moment. It really is. Until I, y'know, think about it.

Inner!Tony is making frowny faces at me for this, but Captain America and Batman, mask-wise, are at the bottom of my hot list here. (Cap tops several other lists, so he's not allowed to complain, and Batman gets Joker, so he just needs to shut up before he says anything at all.) After about, oh, five minutes of thought, I figured out why.

Steve Rogers is Captain fuckin' America. End of story. But his cowl doesn't really conceal much of anything.

Batman's has the same basic shape around the mouth, but the eyes, man. Completely whited out.

The same for Wolverine's. So along comes this pic of Cap...

And suddenly his hotassery skyrockets to include mask unf. Which brings me to...

The full face covered a la Iron Man.

And Deadpool (who beneath that mask is not rockin' the hotass so much, but with it oh unf).

And Spidey Venom. Okay, okay, Spidey too, but probably only because of the mask. Sorry Pete.

And finally, to Rorschach, whose mask only has the vague suggestion of features and expression, specifically the least emphasis on the eyes. Which leads me to some conclusion about possible xeno and/or dehumanization, but I'm full of so much unf after uploading all those pics that my point has become a vague wobbly suggestion of a thing.

To sum up: Masks. UNF.

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