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Fic: Waiting for the Sharper Sting - Victor/Logan

Fic: Waiting for the Sharper Sting - Victor/Logan

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I promised this to [livejournal.com profile] the_haust ages and ages ago to go with the omfg so delicious artwork posted here. The atmosphere, zomg. It kills me it's so good. :x

Waiting for the Sharper Sting
X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Victor/Logan. NC-17. ~2600 words. Watersports. For 'watersports' on my (not abandoned!) [community profile] kink_bingo card.
'54 dumped them smack in the middle of Toronto's postwar boom.


Waiting for the Sharper Sting

'54 dumped them smack in the middle of Toronto's postwar boom. While the money felt good weighing Logan down, the muggy heat that rolled in over the lakes come late August sure as blazes didn't. Harbourfront shrunk to a pasty quagmire hemmed in by flat dark water and a steady barrage of sweaty cussing from the longshoremen. The heat never bothered Victor, who pulled off his shirt and let it beat freely on his bare summer-brown back, but too much sun and not enough wind made Logan's skin crawl. He lugged splinter-ridden crates of cheap gin 'til dusk and daydreamed about the mountains north of Squamish.

Long after the boys all went home to their wives and their sweethearts, Logan sat straddling a crate, hunched over with his damp shirt wadded up in a fist while Victor teased slivers of wood out of his shoulders. Nuisances would've worked themselves out eventually, but he was glad to see them gone sooner than later.

"Can't have you cranky," Victor said, his stomach shifting beneath Logan's forehead as he brushed another splinter away. His skin was slick, fever-hot, smelled of honest work and sea salt. Logan worked up a grunt, distracted by thoughts of creaking ceiling fans and an icy cold brew. They could afford somewhere better than the Cabbagetown shack they'd holed up in the day they'd jumped the train, but the thing about places like that was nobody asked questions about people like them. Floorboards were hiding enough to keep them fat and happy for months if wages got thin or Victor stirred up trouble.

Claws scratched lightly through his hair, dragging back the strands stuck to his cheek. It'd gotten too long again. He'd have to cut it soon or have their pissant supervisor breathing the stink of devilled ham down his neck. "Y'done?" he mumbled, too beat to bother lifting his head.

Victor made a low noise that wasn't anything close to a proper answer. His fingers threaded through the hair clinging to Logan's nape and lifted it free, letting it fall back and lifting it again. The dog tags strung around Logan's neck clanked dully. He chuckled quietly at Logan's grateful slump. "Looks like you are."

Logan gave a halfhearted nod. The patch of hair on Victor's belly felt good scratching at skin pulled tight by drying sweat. Tilting his head, he nodded again, a smile tugging at his mouth as Victor's balance shifted to accommodate. The third time around he admitted it wasn't a nod anymore and he hooked a few fingers into the waist of Victor's battered jeans to hold him in place. A lazy lick eased the prickle of salt on his lips and the craving for a beer. Soft and sleek unless he went against the grain, he'd always liked the way Victor's belly fur felt rasping over his tongue. His own was coarse and curly, unruly as his hair, and he wondered if he had the mother they didn't share to thank for it.

He ended a long lick up the centre of Victor's stomach with a narrow upwards glance. The grin Victor aimed down along with the light flex of claws was agreement enough for him to close his eyes again, licking out along the muscles layered thick over Victor's ribs. Nothing but salt and skin there and he angled back down, tracing the ridge above his hip back to the ticklish brush of hair against his lips.

Hand still buried in his hair, Victor took two lazy steps back. His back hit a towering stack and Logan slid down off the crate onto his knees to follow, grit digging through denim as he shuffled forward. The dock lights spilled orange-white down Victor's side, hazed from the heat rippling up from the ground and marking like lines on a map the route down the long stretch of Victor's body to where he thumbed open his jeans. Nobody stayed past quitting time in this part of the city but a warning shiver slithered on up under Logan's skin just the same. Sure it was most times Victor brought trouble down on their heads, but there were those when Logan wasn't clear of the blame, times he threw his lot willingly in. He caught Victor's wrist before the grate of a lowered zip drove slow and easy straight out of his blood.

Victor's mouth crooked. He tucked his thumb beneath the band and slid his hand out of the way, his jeans tugged askew baring a paler sliver of skin and a deeper cut of muscle that Logan already knew fit perfectly against his mouth. An echo of the growl pushing up the back of his throat rumbled low in Victor's chest. He nudged denim further down with his chin, teeth bared to scrape skin and fingers pressed tight to the flutter of Victor's pulse.

When Victor's nails scratched at his scalp, he expected an impatient shove to get on with it to follow. Braced for what didn't come, he missed a few seconds before taking the opportunity to run the flat of his tongue up from the gap of Victor's half-open fly to the dip of his navel, pausing to lick the stronger taste of salt there. It slipped from that to a slow sucking kiss then the hard dig of his teeth. Anticipation tightened Logan's belly, seeping into his muscles with a tiny quiver and leaving a bitemark flushing red on Victor's skin. But Victor stayed lax and pliable and Logan tossed him a wry question in the arch of an eyebrow.

Fang showed in the corner of Victor's smile. "Too hot to give a shit," he said, and bumped Logan's chin with a roll of his hips.

Hell if it wasn't, but it this wasn't Victor's usual way of letting him off the leash. Fucking Victor came with crossed lines and jagged edges, torn flesh and the cloying scent of blood in his nose. This was lazy like Logan never got his fill, easy in the way their lives never managed to stay for long. He framed Victor's dick between the spread of thumb and forefinger and watched the curve of a smile melt on a heavy breath.

Metal grated as Logan grasped denim and tugged. The grudging split of the zip revealed slow inches of damp skin and the thick scent of arousal. He followed it with his tongue, saliva instead of sweat darkening the hairs on Victor's belly. The tip of Victor's dick grazed his chin, left behind a slippery trail of precome in his whiskers that the heat made impossible to feel but he knew was there. Victor always got wet for him when he took his time making a blow more about the blow than getting off. He scrubbed it off on short hairs and licked them clean, searching for the difference in flavour it made.

Victor's eyes glittered beneath the lazy dip of dark lashes. A creeping itch started up under Logan's skin, tipped the urge to take Victor's cock into his mouth over into reality. One hard suck brought a groan spilling out of Victor and swept away the army of ants crawling up Logan's back, right up until Victor's claws tangling in his dog tags brought it surging back.

"Easy," Victor said, a weird disconnect when it was usually Logan giving that wary caution. He tipped Logan's head back with a curl of knuckles under his chin and lifted the tags free, dropping them around his own neck to clink against his. "Take the rest of it off." The rueful tease of a smile answered Logan's doubting glance at the dockyard. "Give me something pretty to look at while you're down there playing around."

"Pretty," Logan snorted, but accepted the hand Victor clasped behind his elbow to haul him to his feet. He dragged a hand back through his hair, flicking the heavy chunks clinging to his neck free as he nudged open the button on his jeans. There wasn't even a breath of air coming in off the lakes to dry the sweat tricking down his back.

Nails scratched lightly at his side, Victor's way of telling him to get on with it drawing thin white lines through the sheen of sweat. Waiting for the sharper sting of blood drawn, he wasn't ready for the soft nip of a kiss Victor laid on his shoulder, or the one that grazed his jaw. Being ready for the one that warmed his mouth didn't make him any less clumsy at shoving down his jeans, groping for his shorts and trying to edge those down without losing the slow lick of Victor's tongue across his lip. He ended up losing it anyway when Victor eased back, knocked a boot against the side of Logan's ankle and said, "Those too."

Logan said, "Gonna get us in shit," without any real heat to it. The laces already loose from a vain attempt at cooling down near shift's end, he gave worn leather the nudge it needed to slip off his feet one after the other. Peeling out of heavy work denim give him a blessed few seconds of relief before the muggy air closed in again, worse than before because this time it came with the weight of Victor's gaze. He'd kill for a decent North Pacific breeze.

"Maybe," Victor said, and meant, Don't care. His knuckles brushed the underside of Logan's dick on his way up to giving the hair curled dark around the root a tug, a quiet noise rumbling in his chest at the soft grunt it got out of Logan. "Not gonna quit on me now, are you?"

The space between his shoulder blades prickling, Logan dropped lightly back to his knees. He licked straight up Victor's dick, giving it a flick off the tip that brought it slapping back down on the flat of his tongue. The precome stringing thinly from his lip snapped with another quick flick and Victor's cock twitched off-centre, making him chase after it and pin it to Victor's belly with his mouth. Victor gave him a sweet-sounding groan as he rubbed the head against the soft crinkle of hair. Delicate flesh trapped against his lips sent another hot prickle spiralling down low. The hand Victor cupped to the back of his head to hold him there, grind against his face, made his dick ache.

Before Logan could suck Victor's cock back into his mouth, Victor guided him lower to press against the heavy softness of his balls. "Since you're enjoying yourself so much," he said, a growl creeping in on the tail end as Logan filled his mouth with one of those instead. He held it for a long breathless moment, tongue pressed firmly to blood-rich skin before he parted his lips and let it push free.

Knuckles bumped his nose as Victor got a hand on his dick and started jacking. The lazy slide of foreskin started up a fresh wanting in Logan's insides and he tried to catch it between his teeth on the peak, missed. He gave a grunt that wasn't annoyed so much as it was resigned. Victor laughed, rough and teasing, and he sunk lower to nip at his nuts instead, stopping it short. The rest of it leaked through on a soundless noise, curving Logan's mouth in a smile that ruined the sucking kiss he was busy bruising into flesh.

"Open your mouth," Victor grated, lust socking Logan in the gut so hard he jerked. He edged closer, one of his knees snug up to the crate Victor leaned against and his cock dragging against Victor's jeans sending another shiver rippling through him. "Wider. Don't want you to miss it."

Logan muttered, "Dick," around another slow tonguing kiss and caught the smile that didn't reach Victor's mouth in the shine of his eyes. He let his own slide shut, the world narrowing down to Victor's scent heavy on the leaden air and the slick slap of flesh. When it went quiet his heart hung for a beat, his mouth gone wet and his nerves thrumming, but the thin spill of warmth over his lips wasn't a shot of come.

Opening his eyes, he saw Victor's narrow down to black slits. Victor's lip twitched towards a warning snarl when he spit out a mouthful of watery piss and opened up for another, ignoring the itch of it trickling down over his chest in favour of watching Victor's mouth slacken with surprise. It was too damn hot to care what got Victor off, and there wasn't anything bad about the relief that crept in when it cooled, or the weird tingling jolt of it spilling down over his crotch.

"Didn't know you had it in you," Victor said, a flat out lie given some of the shit they'd gotten up to in their time. Whatever other sass he had it in his head to say died when Logan's lips closed tight around his slit, letting piss pool body-warm on his tongue. Compared to the tingle of sweat still clinging to Logan's tongue, it didn't taste like much at all. He waited for the groan scraping up the back of Victor's throat to fall free before moving down to take the head of Victor's cock into his mouth, everything else sitting in his mouth pushed right back out again to soak his chin. His nerves started jumping when the fingers still wrapped around Victor's cock slid close to his face in a slow tug. He wriggled his tongue between them, breathing hard as he had at the midday height of his shift. Victor's thumb dragged over his wet lip. "You gonna swallow this time?"

He swiped lazily at the pad, tasting salt and sweat, sex and piss. He was gonna blow it the second Victor did. "If this time you're askin'."

"Oh, I'm askin'."

Logan offered his tongue, kept his mouth open wide as Victor's dickhead dragged over it, pushed against the soft insides of his cheeks and slipped back out again. He got a hand on his own cock, squeezing tight while Victor jerked off, his nostrils flaring as the felt the muscles in Victor's thigh snap tight. The thick spill of Victor's come felt hotter than his piss, impossible when it was coming to him the same way but true all the same. He gave it long enough for Victor to get an eyeful of the mess trembling on his tongue before he swallowed it down and took Victor's cock as a chaser, sucking the last grudging shot out of him and picking up jacking his cock right where he'd left off. He finished as fast as he'd been counting on, dick slick with piss and precome, and he cracked open an eye to make sure his aim was true before it hit.

Victor's laugh burst through the thundering of his pulse. A smile tried to spread across his face but it wouldn't take with his mouth crammed as full as he could get it. He settled for a noise caught halfway between a grunting laugh and a groan and figured he'd let Victor muddle out which he'd meant. Both if the rough, "Attaboy," he heard wasn't all in his head.

Hazy contentment edged out the sticky pull on his skin when he finally let Victor's cock slip soft from his mouth. "Give a man some warnin' next time."

Victor flicked a glance down at the come spattered on his boot. "Don't see why."

"Suit yourself," Logan said, and gave Victor's belly one last, long lick before rocking back on his heels. "Maybe I'll be more of a mind to swallow what you put in my mouth if y'did."

Claws scratched through Logan's damp whiskers. He tilted his face to the light with little urging, watching as Victor's gaze tracked the slick gleam down his neck. Satisfaction carved its way across Victor's mouth, hazy and dangerous as the red dawn the day's heat promised, dark as the nighttime shadows cast thick over the quiet docks. "Don't see why."


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