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In Repair Artwork & Soundtrack: I Screw Robots

In Repair Artwork & Soundtrack: I Screw Robots

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Gorgeous art created by [livejournal.com profile] solarbaby614!

Metal bones, okay. THE METAL BONES. I have a lot of feelings about the composition and tone and their fucking FACES and how it all compliments fic stuff, but omg, THE METAL BONES. \o/

I HAVE A BROTHER. WITH THAT PIC. AND THE BRIGHT SPOT OF COLOUR. AND FRANK'S FACE. And yeah, fine, whatever, this is a lot of capslock, but I've been having feelings for weeks about this, okay? OKAY?


Amazing wonderful soundtrack by [livejournal.com profile] kisforkurama!

This is titled I SCREW ROBOTS, which so should've been my working title for this fic, for serious, if only I had known. I totally started kicking my feet as soon as I saw the album title, kicked harder at the COVER OMG, and didn't stop until Ellie Goulding's Human hit me and I had to have all the feelings before the kicking began again. This thing is pure delight, omg. I almost wish I could've had the soundtrack to help keep me pumped while writing all the words, but this way, it's kinda like a reward. (But if I could have it the whole time and also have it as a surprise at the end, that would be the very best, though I'm not sure how the hell that could happen unless, like, abrupt and incredibly specific amnesia.)

Download from Mediafire here! Or here if you need an alternative link.


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